Discipleship Vision

We will cultivate committed followers of Jesus and servant-leaders from diverse social and ethnic backgrounds and spiritual gifts.  We will tenaciously pursue spiritual growth and formation.”
– From the New Hope Vision Statement.

NameOpen Table Holy Ground Life TogetherBeloved CommunityKairos
Time7:30 pm – 9:00 pm6:30 pm – 9:00 pm7:00 pm – 9:00 pm12 pm—1:30 pm12 pm-1:30 pm (usually)
LocationDan & Jan S. HomeMember Homes in the NeighborhoodRussell & Lisa Y’s HomeYEPJosh & Marjie’s Home
Led byTracy S. (chio4re@gmail.com) &
Dan S.(djschmitz2062@gmail.com)
Bailey W.
Lisa Y. (lwyee@att.net)Albert H. (albertohong@gmail.com)Robert & Tracy M. (rmarcial@pacbell.net)
& Josh & Marjie H. (harper. Josh@gmail.com)
DescriptionFocusing Discipleship and building community in our neighborhood and through relational networks.A small group focused on studying God’s Word, mutual discipleship, prayer and
enjoying life together. Besides fostering a community within the small group,
we seek opportunities to learn, serve and pursue justice locally through various
Basic small group sharing/prayer/
Bible study /support /fun /food
(No meeting on first Friday of each month)
The basis of this group is the belief that everyone is invited into God's family. We are experimenting with living as if that were true through cultivating experiences of family with church members, neighbors, and justice-lovers. Spanish and English environment.Our small group will be studying God’s word and relevant books together. We will continue to use the Kairos circle in our daily lives to hear what God is saying to us and to determine what we are going to do about it. We will also continue to alternate monthly IN (dinner, games, and other activities to help our small group and families grow in community together) and OUT events (where we will do serve or outreach events based upon what God has put on our hearts.)

Women’s & Men’s Covenant Groups

In addition to small groups, there are also gender specific accountability groups of 3-6 people who meet to share with, pray with, encourage, and be accountable to one another. Although these groups may meet less frequently, they usually require a higher commitment, as their purpose is to go deeper with one another and to be a consistent presence in each others’ lives. If you are interested in being a part of a covenant group, please use the Contact Form to send an email and we will forward to the best person.