Welcome to Children’s Ministry at New Hope Covenant!

We not only believe that church is for children as well as adults but that children are an essential part of the community. Sunday mornings are a time for parents and other caring adults to teach and create nurturing spaces for children to feel loved and cared for by God and their church-community.

What happens in Children’s ministry?
Children’s Ministry is a warm, engaging time for children to learn about the Christian faith through storytelling about the Bible and Christian practices, art, games, and fellowship with each other!

What age can children start attending Children’s Ministry?
Children from 2 years old to 5th grade are welcome to Children’s Ministry!  We have three classes for different age groups:

  • Mustard Seeds – 2 years to 4 years old
  • Little Oaks – Kindergarten to 2nd Grade
  • Upper Oaks – 3rd Grade to 5th Grade

After 5th grade, children transition into Youth Ministry programming.

When and where do Children’s Ministry classes meet?
Upper Oaks classes take place before the worship service from 9:00 – 9:45 AM in the room at the end of the hallway, near the church office.  Upper Oaks then participate in the worship service.

Mustard Seeds and Little Oaks are present for the beginning of the worship service – music, scripture reading, confession, and passing of the peace – then they transition into their class for storytelling and imaginative play.  The Mustard Seeds and Little Oaks meet in the Children’s Ministry room, which is at the back of the building.  Fellow parents are happy to show you there!  Children are returned to their parents during the closing music.

Can I sit in with my child during their class?
Parents are always welcome to sit in on classes with their children, especially as they are getting familiar with a new community and routine.

My child has special needs.  Who can I talk to about the support that they need?
Please do not hesitate to contact Pastor Kara (karaalysegroth at gmail.com) to check in about your child’s special needs.